P.C.D.A Dehradun
pcda dehradun

Accrual Accounting

Comptroller and Auditor General of India has constituted a Government Accounting Standards Advisory Board (GASAB) to establish and improve standards of governmental accounting and financial reporting and enhance accountability mechanism. CGDA is one of the members of the Board.

The Twelfth Finance Commission in their Report submitted to Government of India at Chapter 14- Institutional Changes and Reforms have recommended introduction of accrual based system of accounting. The Government has accepted this recommendation in principle and GASAB has been asked to draw a detailed road map and operational framework for its implementation.

The accrual accounting system is based on accrual concepts, depicting the financial position of an entity more completely and in an integrated manner than a cash-based system does. It does so by recording assets, liabilities, revenue and expenditure in an integrated manner. The principal area where an accrued based system scores over a cash-based system is that the former records both cash and non-cash transactions, thereby being able to capture a more complete and wholesome picture of operations at most instants of time. Accrual accounting system enables better internal control, better quality information for decision making, a more complete and transparent view of the financial position of the Government. The system enables a more effective assessment of the performance and provides the necessary information for linking the input costs to outputs and outcomes that is required by Government.