P.C.D.A Dehradun
pcda dehradun

Miscellaneous Section

The duties of this section are :-
  • Post audit of Bills for expenditure of a contingent and Misc. nature in respect of A.F. Units and formations.
  • Post audit of P & T Bills.
  • Post audit of Bills on account of grant of extra monetary benefits to individuals engaged in live jump trials of 'X' type experimental parachutes (both officers and airmen).
  • Audit of Bills on account of fees payable to examiners.
  • Grant of Financial assistance to Flight Cadets whose parents/guardians can not afford pocket expenses at A.F. College.
  • Post audit of claims on account of payment of fees for setting question papers and marking candidates answer scripts of IAF educational tests for airmen.
  • Post audit of claims on account of subsistence allowance to recruits.
  • Post audit of claims of JRRA to Flt Cadets selected from civil life.
  • Post audit of charges paid from grants such as Educational Training grant, Minor Training grant IAF classified advertisements grant, Amenity grant etc.
  • Pre-audit of bills on account of L.P. of stationery and Local Printing.
  • Pre-audit of C.Bills for refund of appeal fees deposited for Medical Re-Board.
  • Audit and adjustment of expenditure incurred on account of Family Planning.
  • Scrutiny of contracts in respect of conservancy, messing, Book Binding/messing of flight cadets Air Head quarters Contingencies etc.
  • Audit and payment of accommodation and Hotel charges relating to foreign Technicians and their families employed with the IAF.
  • Preaudit of claims on account of purchase of spectacles.
  • Preaudit of claims on account of purchase of hearing aids.
    • Post audit of payment on account of ECHS made by unit/polyclinic to Hospital and correct booking of expenditure thereof.
    • To issue necessary authorization to SBI/RBI on receipt of the estimate of cash assignment from unit/polyclinic